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Next stop…. Royal Ascot

Next stop…. Royal Ascot

The hat event of the year is just around the corner, with less than a month to go. It's my favourite event to attend as I just love to get dressed up, wear a designer hat, obviously, and people watch. It's the best catwalk!

Everyone looks so glamorous and the effort that the ladies and gents have put in to their outfits is amazing, especially those who have to adhere to the Royal Ascot Royal Enclosure dress code.

If you haven’t been to Royal Ascot yet, it's definitely something to put on your bucket list. It's a fun day filled with champagne, horse racing and fashion at its best.

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On another very exciting note, I am going on maternity leave at the end of this month. I won't be taking bespoke orders, or be able to attend appointments in the showroom for the next couple of months but fingers crossed it won't be long until am back! You can however, still shop for hats online and place orders via the Rosie Olivia website.